I can express myself better writing

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Don’t take me wrong

Just understand that I have so much reasons to be like this ;)

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Hi guys! It’s my Birthday today, so… Happy birthday to me :D

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Lets get real

I have so much things in my head. I have to much things to tell you. I honestly didn’t want to tell you. I just simply wanted you to know about everything. Because when it comes to me “talk to you”, I just freeze. I wish I could never see your face again. Or hear your voice. You hurt me so much. I wish I could just delete you from my memories. And what makes me feel worse is see how stupid you are. Seriously. You are such a fool. That beard in your face is so ridiculous and I don’t know if you noticed of how ridiculous it looks. I mean, it’s frustrating looking at you. Thanks God we are 5 thousands miles away. I mean. How could I care so much about someone who didn’t think I had the right to know the truth? You were a fail. I know it seems that I can’t get over it, but. You know something? I’m NOT over it. I won’t be over it. Unless I could tell you everything that’s written here. But, just to think abou the fact of talking to you, makes me feel sick.

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Have you noticed how fragile we are?

One love story movie is enough to bring tears to our eyes. One song is enough to brought out feelings. The feelings that you tried so hard to hide. And with some simple verses it’s all done. We are so fragile to the point that we remember things we didn’t want to. And we cry. We live the feeling again even if the moment is gone. It’s beautiful. Tragic. You know, sometimes you cry and you don’t know the reason. Maybe that’s a signal that you are growing up. And growing up means suffer. But also means happiness. You just gotta be tough enough to lead your path through the right way.

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